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Sango is a young woman born to a family of demon exterminators of the Taijiya Village.
Her father was the head of the town, and she always expressed her respect and admiration for him.
The only other member of her immediate family is her younger brother, Kohaku. Her family's
circumstances forced Sango to take on maturity at a very young age. Being the village leader's
daughter and with her mother gone, Sango takes her role as the eldest child very seriously. She
never fooled around when it came to slaying demons, mere training or no, and it was important to
her that Kohaku continued to develop his skills.


The village was later destroyed by Naraku, and her family was killed in the process.
However, due to a sacred jewel shard placed in the back of his neck, her younger brother
lives, but is manipulated by Naraku. With InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, and her demon companion
Kirara by her side, Sango spends her days trying to find Kohaku to bring him back to her, and to
avenge her family by having Naraku meet his end.
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